a weekly round-up of Hot Crossword Superstars

Trivial Matters to Progressive Updates on [as]'s Hot Crossword Superstars with Max and Dave: presented by FreshlyBakedPotato

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Episode 3: Back to Normal


The #Zackocalypse ends. Also, shorter editions of the crosswords programme and Mike Lazzo visits, with hard questions.

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Episode 2: The Zach Invasion


Amongst many other things, the show finds itself a new host - leaving Dave and Max with no other alternatives, but to depart.

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Episode 1: Max Weeps Matt's Loss


This Week: Max's Emotional Breakdown, Adult Swim budget is questioned, Matt bothers the guys and Choe's Israeli Sex Dream Fantasy

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Crossword Round-up is a weekly podcast that looks through Wednesday's edition of Dave & The Crossword Guys and highlights the action that brings the casual viewing outsider in the know about some of the tension between the hosts and their working environment - at the Turner Broadcasting System in Atlanta, GA. 

Dave & The Crossword Guys is a web programme produced and broadcast by [adult swim]. It usually plays after this amateur hour by someone, which is a nice programme, and is also part of the Lunchtime Games live stream. 


FreshlyBakedPotato is Corey Fuimaono, a student filmmaker and radio broadcaster from Southland, New Zealand, who watches FishCenter and Dave & The Crossword Boys on a regular basis.


FreshlyBakedPotato can't do this all the time, due to other commitments in real life, but he is more than welcoming of new people of recording their own personal highlights of the show and sending them directly to him at:

corey [at] agent075 [dot] info

with the subject: Crossword Round-Up Contribution -- [YOUR NAME]